KMR logoKMR Industries, LLC, , a joint venture between Columbia Sales International and Creative Engineers, is your source for sodium dispersions.

photo of reactor at KMR facility in York, Pa.KMR has a state-of-the-art facility in New Freedom, Pa., that is designed from the ground up to incorporate the principles of environmental stewardship and safety for its employees. KMR currently has two production units capable of producing batch sizes of 75 and 400 gallons. KMR can easily produce large quantities of dispersion on short notice. Because of the nature of sodium dispersion, all production is made to order to guarantee the best performance.

KMR has added a smaller-scale unit to allow development work, small-lot production, and custom-tailored dispersion formulas.

Sodium metal handling and sodium dispersion require special care in their transportation, use and handling. For information on dispersions, contact Columbia Sales International, Inc., at 410-312-7979 to discuss your requirements.

List of KMR’s Dispersion Products

  • sodium in transformer oil
  • sodium in mineral oil